Impact of weather conditions on Solar Panels and their efficiency

As the world is moving towards renewable energy sources, solar energy is leading them. Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. As the demand is increasing, a lot of innovation is taking place to make solar panels better and efficient. As a result, solar panels work in most weather conditions and constantly serve the power.

However, the performance of solar panels depends on the weather condition. If weather varies then there might be the possibility that energy from solar panels can be varied. If a solar power system is made of good quality panels, accessories and designed efficiently then it can withstand and perform under common weather conditions such as rain, fog, mist and high winds. However, efficiency keeps changing as per the receivable of the sun’s rays by panels.

Let's see how different weather affects solar panel efficiency.

1. Rain:

You will be amazed to hear that rain actually helps solar panels to work better. As thick layers of dirt impact solar panels negatively, rain helps them by washing away accumulated dirt particles.

2. Dust Storms:

Dust storms deposit a heavy layer of dirt on panels and impact their efficiency but not much as panels keep getting the rays through. In India, the occurrence of dust storms is quite rare and simple hand cleaning gets panels working back normal.

3. Lightning:

Due to lightning, there might be voltage surges in the solar power system. But the good quality of the installer ensures that the power system is properly grounded to prevent surges.

4. Wind:

Ksquare panels are built to withstand strong winds up to 90 mph or even more. Our team mounts the panel tight and effectively to prevent any wind damage.

5. Snow:

Same as dirt, snow interrupts the sun rays from getting in. But panels are mounted in such a way that snow slides down.

Final Thoughts

Ksquare is a leading solar energy solutions provider with an experienced team that can take care of any potential threats to the efficiency and stability of your solar panels. Our solar solutions based on advanced technology are made to withstand brutal weather conditions and give you stress-free service solar energy.