Debunking 6 Myths About Solar Energy

A common medium for gaining knowledge is "the internet." With the help of the internet, it is quite easy to get any information about anything nowadays. Due to too much available information and too many sources to read, it leads you to nothing but a false perception of the given information. Simply, "too many minds means too many distractions."

Solar energy or just energy, which is the demand for the future, is an alternative to fossil fuels, a clean source of energy, and so many things to say, still, it leads to misconceptions about solar energy.

Here below we have discussed some myths and misconceptions related to solar energy.

# Myth 1

Solar only works when there is a sun.

Fact: It doesn’t matter whether it is a sunny day, heavy rainy, or cloudy day, solar is still going to work, but is less effective in the case of a cloudy day (remember, solar panels convert the sun’s light, not heat.) Because heavy clouds may cover the sun, there is no need to worry that much. The storage system will help by giving the light stored in it.There will be a decrease in performance, but it's still going to work.

# Myth 2

Weather conditions affect solar plates.

Fact: Cleaning requires only a clean cloth and water. you heard right, you don’t need to spend any money on maintenance. You just need to take care that there is no dirt on the solar plates and you can clean them every once in 6 months.

# Myth 3

Weather conditions affect solar plates.

Fact: It might be true for other manufacturers but not for us because our panels can withstand any weather condition, whether it's wind, hail, or thunderstorm. Panels made by Ksquare are highly efficient and made up of crystalline silicon. A premium quality back sheet that protects them from environmental conditions.

# Myth 4

An expensive setup.

Fact: The initial cost of the setup is based on the size of the panels required to be installed. The initial cost of installing the system may be high, but after a few years, your investment will be repaid and your electricity bill will be reduced. So, setting it up is not expensive but a smart decision.

# Myth 5

It affects the property value.

Fact: Because solar energy is in high demand in the future and the cost of electricity bills continues to rise, buyers are willing to pay more for the property in order to reduce the cost of electricity, which simply means an increase in property value.

# Myth 6

The use of solar panels is not eco-friendly.

Fact: Solar energy is a clean source of energy as it comes from the sun, a renewable form of energy that replenishes itself and is the best alternative to fossil fuels because it doesn't emit any greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the environment, so you still think solar is not good for the environment?

Bottom line

We just cannot rely on the information available on the internet. We need experts or someone who is an expert in that particular field like solar, you need a solar expert like Ksquare Energy, the leading solar manufacturer and supplier of solar products in Ahmedabad.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering an installation or need more information about solar rooftops.